[Announce] Tengine-1.4.3 is released

姚伟斌 yaoweibin at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 08:04:22 UTC 2013

Hi folks,

We are glad to announce that Tengine-1.4.3 development version has been
released. You can either checkout the source code from GitHub:
https://github.com/taobao/tengine or download the tarball directly:

In this release, we have added the TFS module, which provides a RESTful API
to work with TFS (Taobao File System). TFS is an open source distributed
system similar to GFS. It has been proved very stable and efficient and
about 10 petabytes of data at Taobao. More information about TFS can be
at https://github.com/taobao/tfs.

The full changelog is as follows:

    *) Feature: added the TFS module which provides a RESTful API to Taobao
       File System. (zhcn381, monadbobo)

    *) Feature: added a $sent_cookie_XXX variable which could be used to get
       the value of cookie XXX from the Set-Cookie headers. (skoo87)

    *) Feature: now the syslog logging supports host name and domain name as
       its destination address. (cfsego)

    *) Change: added an attribute 'id' for the server directive in the
       block. (yaoweibin)

    *) Bugfix: fixed a bug of DSO module which might stop Tengine from
       reloading. (monadbobo)

    *) Bugfix: fixed a segmentation fault bug of upstream_check module when
       the check timeout was larger than the check interval. (yaoweibin)

    *) Bugfix: fixed a segmentation fault bug of user_agent module when
       was no User-Agent header existed in a request. (dinic)

    *) Bugfix: fixed the bug that sysguard module didn't work on Mac OS.

For those who don't know Tengine, it is a free and open source distribution
Nginx with some advanced features. See our website for more details:

Have fun!


Weibin Yao
Developer @ Server Platform Team of Taobao
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