Using HttpMapModule with proxy_pass got 502

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Wed Jan 23 11:16:52 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

My project needs to route http request to different host with different
domain name. I deployed HttpMapModule and proxy_pass, and the related
nginx.conf segment is following:

http {
   map $http_host $backend_servers {       localdomain1; #if changed to ip, it's ok
        default                       localdomain2;
   server {
        listen              80;
        server_name    localhost;
        location /{
             proxy_pass http://$backend_servers;

When I send the requet uri as, the result is 502
error. But if I changed the maping value as IP address not domain name, it
worked with no problem. And if I change the proxy_pass item directly to
http://localdomain1, it also worked as normal.

Does the proxy_pass + http_map_module not refer to DNS look? or is there any
other point wrong in the nginx.conf ?  

Thanks for any suggestion.

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