[resolved] Re: RegEx VHost name and the default VHost

automatix nginx-forum at nginx.us
Wed Jan 23 23:05:31 UTC 2013

> such directories like "sites-enabled" and
> "sites-available" are not something common for nginx.
> In fact, they created by nginx package on some linux systems
> because the maintainers of these packages find it convenient.

Good to know, thanks for the info!

> Actually there is no such thing like "the vhost files" in nginx.
> You probably mean those files included from nginx.conf by the
> "include" directive (see: http://nginx.org/r/include ).

I mean the files in "sites-available". I know, that they are just included
(over the links in "sites-enabled") to the nginx.conf, but I find it clearer
and better maintainable to use one file for each vhost.

OK, now everything is clear. Thanks a lot for your help! :)

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