Nginx flv stream gets too slow on 2000 concurrent connections

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Thu Jan 24 11:30:13 UTC 2013

I have got an idea of preventing users to download videos from our site, so
they just can stream videos and that way will save our bandwidth. We have
used one of nginx module "limit_conn 1" so nobody will be able to download
stream. But this thing has a major drawback of stream i.e if four users are
streaming videos under a LAN network with same ip, other 3 won't be able to
stream videos due to 1st user, who's already streaming it and when he'll
finish streaming it'll resume for 2nd user and vice virsa.

Can someone guide me if we can just prevent downloading but stream remains
the same ?

On Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 11:57 AM, shahzaib shahzaib
<shahzaib.cb at>wrote:

> Thanks for helping me out guyz. I'll tune my content server according to
> that chinese guide. Please keep in mind i had only sent the output of one
> of Five content servers. Other servers load(nload) is not that high and
> they just hit 500Mbit/s on 2000 concurrent connections. However i'll
> monitor eth0 port more closely on peak time and will let you know the
> status. Thanks :)
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