Server won't start AND Nginx as reverse proxy

Reinis Rozitis r at
Thu Jan 24 17:28:03 UTC 2013

> 2- Nginx does not reverse proxy new incoming requests to one of the other 
> Swazoo web servers and the site appears to be 'hanging'. Any help on this?

The default proxy module timeouts are pretty high (like 60s)

.. so naturally if the backend doesnt respond in timely matter it can take 
up to a minute for nginx to decide what to do next.

I would also rather than using (with dns resolve):

location / {

choose the upstream module ( ) and define all 
the backends in the upstream {} block:

upstream someservers {
    server your.backend1.ip:80;
    server your.backend2.ip:80;
    server your.backend2.ip:80;

location / {
   proxy_pass http://someservers;


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