$request_length outside of log module

Richard Kearsley rkearsley at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Jan 28 14:38:58 UTC 2013

yeah, it's different (correct) definition here: 
should probably update wiki to reflect it

I think $http_content_length will give the length of the response also 
(not the request)

As Maxim says, they added it to the trunk a few days ago and I don't 
mind waiting for next release :)

Thanks all

On 28/01/13 14:24, Jonathan Matthews wrote:
> My bad - I misread your original email. $request_length is actually 
> defined here (http://wiki.nginx.org/HttpLogModule#log_format) as the 
> request /body/'s length, i.e. not counting headers. You might get 
> something useful out of $http_content_length instead. Jonathan 

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