Buffer messages in log even with buffering turned off

Christopher Opena counterveil at gmail.com
Mon Jan 28 18:37:51 UTC 2013

Howdy folks,

We've been seeing some recurring logs in our log that look like this:

2013/01/28 18:30:36 [warn] 2657#0: *210608 a client request body is
buffered to a temporary file /var/cache/nginx/client_temp/0000000772,
client: <CLIENT IP>, server: <SERVER NAME>, request: "POST
/upload/publish_thumbnail HTTP/1.1", host: "<HOST NAME>"

Based on searching through the mailing list's previous questions we found
that we could set the following directives in order to attempt to disable

client_max_body_size  0;
proxy_max_temp_file_size 0;

At first we only had this in the 'http' context but then also copied those
same configurations into the 'server' and 'location' contexts to see if
that would help since the messages continued to appear in the log.  Even
after adding it to 'server' and 'location', the messages continue - is
there another configuration directive that we might be missing?  Our config
is pretty simple and and doesn't have any location or server contexts that
I could have missed (also verified that the context that this message
appears under is covered by the two directives that we set to 0).

Thanks in advance,
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