1.3.11 Issues?

digitalpoint nginx-forum at nginx.us
Mon Jan 28 19:20:27 UTC 2013

Valentin V. Bartenev Wrote:
> Please, try the new patch: 
> http://nginx.org/patches/spdy/patch.spdy-59_1.3.11.txt
> The problem should be fixed now.
>  wbr, Valentin V. Bartenev

Is there a possibility the patch introduced an issue where connections don't
expire (like ever)?

Our load balancer in front of web server shows 1,511 connections, Nginx is
reporting 10,810 connections, and the number of connections as reported by
Nginx is just growing and growing and does not even remotely coincide with
actual traffic/users/connections.  This only seemed to start after the


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