VirtualBox Linux Host & Guests

Daniel L. Miller dmiller at
Wed Jan 30 00:12:35 UTC 2013

On 1/29/2013 1:47 PM, itpp2012 wrote:
> Daniel L. Miller Wrote:
> -------------------------------------------------------
>> Is there a reason to use the 'MT' vs the 'T' if I only need one
>> interface?
> Other then better performance and a wider range of support by default, no.
> You're not going to see 2 nics anyway, the MT has a few more tuning options
> then the T, I've done some extensive testing with all of them and their
> several drivers with the MT having better use of the bandwidth and best
> throughput (near realtime) even on a cluster with 120 vm's.

And here I thought I was being clever by using the single-NIC model.  
Let's see how it works...

Hmm...don't really see any difference but I'll take your word for it and 
leave it set with the MT.

But I'm still left with wondering why my Linux guest (now using the MT) 
is slower than the Windows guest (still using T).

It's acceptable speed...just not full throttle and it leaves me wanting 
more.  Are there any tweaks you've done to either the host or guest?


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