Incomplete page by nginx -> fcgi -> php-fpm with keepalive

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Thu Jan 31 09:22:48 UTC 2013

I have problem somewhere between nginx and php-fpm. When I use keep-alive
connection for fastgcgi php-fpm, there is often problem with loading page.
Page not completely loaded. I tried to debug using wireshark, and see that
php-fpm send to nginx coplete reply, but nginx to client sent incoplete
page. Size of incomplete page is defined by chunk size. For test, download and run ./ . You will se:

Run Nginx on port 9876
Run php-fpm on port 6789
Correct size of answer is 16172;
keepalive on,  size:  8002
keepalive off, size: 16172
 Next test (1 of 5)-

Tested on Debian Squeeze and many version of Nginx/PHP-FPM . Error shows on
default Nginx/PHP-FPM version by Debian Squeeze by .

PHP 5.3.21-1~dotdeb.0

On Nginx error log:

upstream sent unsupported FastCGI protocol version: 0 while reading

Any suggestion ?

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