403 Forbidden error with Mediawiki

Stylw nginx-forum at nginx.us
Wed May 8 12:06:40 UTC 2013

I'm having a frustrating experience trying to get nginx to work properly
with mediawiki's pretty urls. For some reason my configuration won’t detect
that my mediawiki installation is installed in a folder above root (said
folder is called /w/) and appears to be throwing out 403 forbidden errors
when trying to access my site.

The script itself works properly, and I have no problem with accessing the
wiki installation my using mydomain.com/w/ - but if I don’t manually input
that /w/ folder in the website address nginx will throw a 403 forbidden
error at me. I should also mention that root is empty apart from that
folder, which is why I suspect nginx is throwing that 403 message at me. 

I don’t want to flood people’s emails with my giant nginx configuration, so
I’ll include links to a pastebin dump which has them. I’ve also removed any
personal information which could hint at where my site is hosted and/or what
the domain is. 

Nginx error log: http://pastebin.com/BZGWurYZ
Niginx configuration: http://pastebin.com/mFdHbEzm
Mediawiki settings: http://pastebin.com/nQuaZBdQ

I hope somebody can figure out where the fault is - I've been ripping out my
hair over it.

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