nginx-1.4 proxy requests being continious

Daniel Black at
Sun May 12 02:46:41 UTC 2013


> > > proxy_next_upstream error timeout invalid_header http_500 http_502
> > > http_503 http_504 http_404;
> What you describe looks very familiar - there was such a bug which
> manifested itself with backup servers and proxy_next_upstream
> http_404. It was fixed in 1.3.0/1.2.1 though:
> *) Bugfix: nginx might loop infinitely over backends if the
> "proxy_next_upstream" directive with the "http_404" parameter was
> used and there were backup servers specified in an upstream block.
> Are you sure you are using 1.4.1 on your frontend (note: it's
> usually not enough to check version of nginx binary on disk, as
> running nginx binary may be different)? Could you please provide
> frontend's debug log?

Quite right. I did update to 1.4.1 just afterwards.
2013-05-08 20:16:29 upgrade nginx 0.7.67-3+squeeze3 1.4.1-1~squeeze

I definitely restarted the nginx-1.4.1 with no remnants of 0.7.67 around and haven't had the troubles when I re-tested.

Thanks for the fix Maxim and digging up this changelog entry.

Looking forward to putting it into production in the next few hours. Any troubles and I will grab a debug log for you.

Daniel Black

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