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Hi JackB,

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> Hello,
> on your Site ( you are comparing NGINX SE
> with the Open Source version. The table states "Basic" and "Enhanced" on
> many core features of NGINX. The SE/"Enhanced" column offers additional
> information by hovering with the mouse over the rows. Those additional
> information are listing well known features from the Open Source version.
> Since there is no detailed comparison (and _NO HOVER_ on the "Basic"
> column), can you clarify:
> - what exactly the differences are on the listed features?

There are certain enhancements over load balancing, monitoring and
configuration, as well as additional media streaming related capabilities in
the commercial subscription. This product is still pending public
announcement and the list of features is subject to change.

You right with the web site, though. The .com web site still requires a lot
of work and will be improved in the short term.

> - will currently offered features of the Open Source version be moved to the
> SE version? (means: removed from the Open Source version)

No, that's not an option, and there're no such plans.

Everything that's currently in the OSS version of nginx will remain as OSS,
licensed under the 2-clause BSD-like license.

Moreover, we keep fixing a lot of things in the OSS nginx (check the CHANGES),
as well as  adding new (and big) features like OCSP Stapling, WebSocket or
SPDY to the OSS nginx.

Like it was said before several times (and I'd like to reiterate it once again),
we at Nginx, Inc. are fully dedicated to introduce major improvements
to the OSS nginx, and that's what we do.

Our public roadmap is accessible on

> - will there be a documentation of how SE features work and what they
> offer?

Documentation is currently available as part of our commercial subscription.

Hope this helps.

> Thanks.
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