Mono MVC Timeout

Gee g.plumb at
Sun May 26 14:00:20 UTC 2013

Hi everyone!

I am struggling to get a (simple) MVC app work under OpenBSD (5.3) + Mono
(2.10.9) + Nginx (1.2.6)

I can get a simple index.aspx (Hello World) app to work, but the default
MVC 3 template doesn't seem to work.

I made some minor changes to remove any reference to SQL providers in
Web.config and I removed EntityFramework.dll, as well as ensuring that the
various System.Web.* dlls also co-existed in my \bin folder.

All I seem to get is this:

504 Gateway Time-out

This is how I am launching fastcgi-mono-server4:
fastcgi-mono-server4 /applications/:. /socket=tcp:

But the only log detail I get is this:
[DateTimeStamp] Beginning to receive records on connection.

I have uploaded my config and source code to here:

Given that I can serve a simple 'Hello World' page, I'm pretty sure there
isn't anything wrong with my base nginx/mono installs, but no doubt
something subtle I have missed in my configs. Can anyone (please) shed any
light on this?

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