SPDY certificates and Wordpress multisite

Jonathan Matthews contact at jpluscplusm.com
Mon May 27 22:59:33 UTC 2013

I don't use SPDY, so take what I say as being from an SSL perspective,
not a SPDY one.

If your 17 blogs live under the same domain that you own, you could
look at using a wildcard SSL cert. You'd only need a single
IP/server{} combo for each wildcard cert, and a single wildcard cert
for each unique domain suffix you own.

If that's not helpful, and the domains are all different, then you
could look at a UCC (or SaN) SSL cert. This would also allow you to
use a single IP/server{} block, but would probably be uneconomical if
your domain list changes frequently.

Finally, if you need/get a separate SSL cert for each domain, you will
need a distinct IP and server{} block for each.

17 domains with SSL and a separate server{} for each will not affect
performance, IME. You'll just proxy_pass to the same backend from

Jonathan Matthews // Oxford, London, UK

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