Nginx 1.2.7 + Apache2 2.2.24 on Freebsd 9.1 speedtest mini hosting upload speed problem

ans34 nginx-forum at
Wed Nov 6 08:49:59 UTC 2013

I have Nginx 1.2.7 + Apache2 2.2.24. Nginx config is default, no buffer
sizes changed etc. I moved my speedtest mini host there and got problem with
upload speed. Speedtest folder is on RAMdisk, so there is no problems with
access speed and download speed is 300+ Mbit/s. But upload was anly 40-50
Mbit/s After setting sendfile off; in nginx.conf upload speed increased to
80-120 Mbit/s During upload test  in top io mode nginx show 100%
4839 0 0 16 0 16 100.00% nginx

and gstat show writing operations on hdd

Setting client_body_temp_path to ramdisk folder and changing client_body*
variables to not default values make upload speed slower
Is there anything onther to change to make uplaod speed much faster

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