File Checking Rewriting and Handing off to Back End

Francis Daly francis at
Fri Nov 8 22:43:48 UTC 2013

On Fri, Nov 08, 2013 at 05:51:36AM -0600, David Legg wrote:

> I've been trying various things out through try_files which I think is the right area to be looking at. Something like:
> try_files /tiles/$args_z_$args_x_$args_y.png proxy_hand_off
> Any ideas how I could do this?

The arguments to try_files are prefixed with the current $document_root
before being sought as files (with the final argument being magic).

So if you put your to-be-served file in the correct place, and use the
variables correctly, then it should Just Work.

  try_files /tiles/${arg_z}_${arg_x}_${arg_y}.png @fallback;

You might want to wrap that in a "location = /data {}" block.

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