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Wed Nov 13 22:52:05 UTC 2013


Sorry, maybe I'm dumb, I'm not sure if I get it...

On 13-11-13 22:09:40, Francis Daly wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 13, 2013 at 10:56:28PM +0100, georg at wrote:
> > On 13-11-13 21:45:46, Jonathan Matthews wrote:
> > > On 13 November 2013 21:35, georg at <georg at> wrote:
> > > Looks to me like you want to use frames and write yourself some pretty
> > > basic HTML. I don't know of anything that's that application-a-like
> > > that comes /inside/ nginx itself, however.
> > 
> > Yeah, I tought so aswell. My question was more like "how do I combine
> > html and directory listing at the same time..."?
> Can you build a small directory tree, and manually create the files with
> the content that you would like to have returned?

For the directory tree, you mean something like:

   |- index.html (should be displayed as html)
   |- n.html (should be displayed as html)
   |- dir1 (should be displayed via directory listing)
   |- dir2 (should be displayed via directory listing)

sidebar should look like:

Index (should point to index.html)
n (should point to n.html)
dir1 (should point to dir1)
dir2 (should point to dir2)

> For directory listings, do a manual "ls" (or whatever) once to hard-code
> the html.

Doing "ls" where? Inside the html? 

> That exercise might make clear to you what content you want nginx to
> return in response to different requests -- particularly, which parts
> are static and which parts are dynamic. And that in turn might help you
> decide whether you want an nginx module, or the plain directory handler,
> or something like an index.php that you can drop in each directory.

Still unclear to me how I display html and directory listing at the same
tome on the "same page".

> (I you use frames, you will be making more than one http request, so
> nginx will be able to return more than one piece of content.)

If possible, I would like to avoid frames.

> Good luck with it,


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