Any rough ETA on SPDY/3 & push?

Piotr Sikora piotr at
Fri Nov 15 04:59:04 UTC 2013


>> spdy/2 support has been removed from the Firefox code base (
>> ) and >= Firefox 27 will
>> only support >= spdy/3. Firefox 27 will be released in January 2014 (
>> ) so there is some urgency in
>> getting spdy/3(.1) support into nginx.
> Just the heads up: It seems the latest Chrome beta (32.0.1700.14) has
> also removed support for spdy/2. Spdy is no longer enabled in Chrome on
> nginx-based sites, and all sites that do work run spdy/3 or later
> (according to chrome://net-internals/#spdy).

Actually, after some convincing [0], both Firefox [1] & Chrome [2]
guys were nice enough to give us a bit more time and revert those
changes, so SPDY/2 will stay around for one more release cycle (and be
retired in late February).


Best regards,
Piotr Sikora

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