will request_uri get passed from cookieless server to 403 page on main server?

Ian M. Evans ianevans at digitalhit.com
Sun Nov 17 20:16:23 UTC 2013

Migrating to a new server and thought I'd take the time to set up a
cookieless subdomain on it for static files.

In my current setup, 403 errors are sent to a php file which grabs the 
$_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"], locates the page of the photo on the site, and
redirects the person to that page so they see it in our context.

So now I'm going to set up static.example.com.

If I set the 403 error page to go to
error_page 403 http://www.example.com/dhe403.shtml;

in order to run the PHP on the 403 error, does the REQUEST_URI get passed
between servers or do I have to do some rewrite magic that I currently
don't do?


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