Forgot Windows 8 Login Password After Upgrade to Windows 8.1, How to Reset it?

Beng D. lists at
Wed Nov 27 04:18:07 UTC 2013

I upgrade to Windows 8.1, but forgot my Windows 8 administrator login

I have brought it to computer repair shop, but they fail to helped me
reset my forgotten Win 8 password. My best friend, Tony, told me that I
could took a fresh reinstallation on my win 8 OS. However, there are so
much important data on this computer, and I was afraid of data loss
after reinstallation.

Then Tony helped me searched on “how to reset Windows 8 password” on the
internet. At first we found this video on YouTube : Forgot Windows 8
Password? How to Reset it without Data Loss?

That seems to tell us to fix this issue. We do as the video guide step
by step. Download and install the demo program called Windows Password
Key on Tony’s computer. Then burn it to USB flash drive. It works
prefect. After that, we insert it into my locked Win 8 computer, and
boot it from USB. Just here, we came across a problem: how to get into
the bios thing? Well, it seems troublesome for us, but we make it

At last, I just share, not teach! If you find it really helpful, share
it with you friend, family member who are using Windows 8 OS, maybe they
need Windows 8 password reset one day!

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