Nginx fastcgi_next_upstream off doesn't work

Oleg V. Khrustov oleg.khrustov at
Fri Nov 29 11:50:52 UTC 2013

location / {
                fastcgi_pass   bg;
fastcgi_next_upstream off;

upstream bg {

    server unix:/tmp/dsp.1.sock;
    server unix:/tmp/dsp.2.sock;
    server unix:/tmp/dsp.3.sock;
    server unix:/tmp/dsp.4.sock;
    server unix:/tmp/dsp.5.sock;
    server unix:/tmp/dsp.6.sock;
    server unix:/tmp/dsp.7.sock;
    server unix:/tmp/dsp.8.sock;
    server unix:/tmp/dsp.9.sock;
    server unix:/tmp/dsp.10.sock;
    server unix:/tmp/dsp.11.sock;
    server unix:/tmp/dsp.12.sock;
    server unix:/tmp/dsp.13.sock;


 log_format combined-r '$time_local: upstream $upstream_addr responded
$upstream_status in $upstream_response_time ms, request status $status is
in $request_time ms';

29/Nov/2013:13:57:51 +0400: upstream unix:/tmp/dsp.4.sock :
unix:/tmp/dsp.9.sock responded 504 : 504 in 0.148 : 0.050 ms, request
status 504 is in 0.198 ms

So nginx still pass request to next upstream dsp.4 -> dsp.9

What can be wrong with this config?

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