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Wed Sep 18 10:17:05 UTC 2013

Hello folks,

I use nginx in front of a django/fastcgi application, and we serve a subset
of the URLs of this webapp statically.

I use try_files to determine what's served statically and what goes to the

Some of these URLs, however, contain forms and are at the same time source
and targets for them. The former can be served statically, while the latter
should hit the backend.

A simple "if ($request_method) { directive; }" would work, but I find no
effective "directive" to send the request to the backend.

Our basic setup looks like this:

server {
    root /site/static_files/;
    try_files $uri $uri/ $uri/index.html @appsrv;

    if ($request_method = POST) {
        # solution 1: try_files /var/emtpy/.foobar @appsrv
        # solution 2: fastcgi_pass;
        # all of the above fail: directive not allowed here
        # solution 3: return 321; (+ define error_page 321 in server {})
        # I can't get the above handle correctly good and bad responses from
the appsrv

    location @appsrv {
        include /usr/local/etc/nginx/fastcgi_params_django;

any suggestion to divert POST requests to the given named location?


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