Broken pipe while sending request to upstream

Claudio nginx-forum at
Fri Sep 20 07:27:20 UTC 2013

Hello Maxim,

thanks a lot for your explanation. I've (kind off) solved the problem for

I was testing with another proxy in between nginx and the Jetty server to
see whether that would behave differently. I just used Twitter's finagle,
which is based on Netty and got a few error messages like this:

18.09.2013 11:59:58 com.twitter.finagle.builder.SourceTrackingMonitor
FATAL: A server service unspecified threw an exception
com.twitter.finagle.ChannelClosedException: ChannelException at remote
address: localhost/
        at com.twitter.finagle.NoStacktrace(Unknown Source)

So I tried to dig deeper on the Jetty side of things.

In the end, I just upgraded the web application running inside of Jetty and
this solved the problem. Maybe I should make this a reflex: first update
everything to the latest version before even trying to understand the
problem, but that's not so easy to do in general...

Thanks again!

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