ngx_lua + proxy_next_upstream

Yichun Zhang (agentzh) agentzh at
Tue Sep 24 20:28:06 UTC 2013


On Tue, Sep 24, 2013 at 2:35 AM, Jedrzej Nowak wrote:
> The question is how can I do NOT redirect ?

Well, "rewrite ... break" is not a redirect. It is just an internal
URI rewrite. That's all.

> I tried with @test instead of
> /test but no success. Is there any other way to do that ?

Named locations can only work with internal redirects. They do not
support Nginx subrequests. You can ask the Nginx team to add support
for that to the Nginx core.

>     [...]
>     ngx.var.upstream = ""
>     res = ngx.location.capture('/test' .. ngx.var.request_uri,
> {share_all_vars = true})
>     [...]

Please note that setting the "share_all_vars" to true for your
subrequests are genreally a bad idea. Because there could be really
bad side effects. In your example, all you need is to enable the
"copy_all_vars" option.

BTW, you may want to post such questions to the openresty-en mailing
list instead:

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