ngx.shared_dict.get_keys usage

Suraj Kumar suraj.kumar at
Wed Aug 6 06:44:10 UTC 2014


I'm trying to use the lua module in combination with ngx.shared.DICT
feature to record some statistics for nginx (and upstreams') health

When I do dict.get_keys(100), I see the following error in nginx error.log:

2014/08/06 06:27:55 [error] 13446#0: *1 lua entry thread aborted: runtime
error: /opt/inmobi/nginx/customlua/logging.lua:56: bad argument #1 to
'get_keys' (userdata expected, got number)
stack traceback:
coroutine 0:
        [C]: in function 'get_keys'
        /opt/inmobi/nginx/customlua/logging.lua:56: in function
        [string "content_by_lua"]:3: in function <[string
"content_by_lua"]:1>, client:, server: , request: "GET /stat2
HTTP/1.1", host: "localhost"

I'm using ngx_openresty version: ngx_openresty/

Could someone please guide me how to use the get_keys method of the shared
dict in nginx/lua?



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