Introducing ngxLuaDB powered by nginx for Windows

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Mon Aug 11 20:12:06 UTC 2014

Introducing ngxLuaDB (nginx Lua Database) a collection of DLL’s build
against Luajit which can be used with nginx for Windows.

Please note that only a few modules have been tested, for the moment this is
a prove of concept (this is mainly because the usage of some modules is

ngxLuaDB adds support for redis, drizzle, geoip, pagespeed, mysql, mssql,
oracle, sybase, sqlite, json, odbc, etc. via external dynamic modules inside
the power of nginx for Windows. (Possibly SharePoint, .net, asp and many
other possible modules)
Take a good look at the MySQL example how we suggest a persistent connection
which is global and can be (re)used inside every worker.

Enjoy, while we work on more tested, non-blocking configurations and more

ngxLuaDB Builds can be found here:

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