Using the access_log if directive in 1.6.x

sudharshanr nginx-forum at
Thu Dec 11 05:33:24 UTC 2014


I'm using nginx 1.6.2 on Amazon ec2 linux server. The problem I'm having is
that all my 404 errors are going to my access.log. I want them to be
redirected to error.log instead.

I saw on other forums that with nginx 1.7+, I can use the if directive of
access_log to do something like:

    map $status $errorable {
       ~([^23][0-9][0-9]) 1;
       default 0;
  access_log /media/ephemeral0/log/nginx/error.log combined if=$errorable;

However, I'm not able to do the same with 1.6.2. I don't think I can update
to 1.7+ as it is not available for ec2 linux servers yet. Is there an
alternative for doing the same with 1.6.2?


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