SPDY for http?

Lukas Tribus luky-37 at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 19 11:27:39 UTC 2014

> Now I'm curious.
> I have a setup that uses nginx to terminate SSL (listen 443 ssl spdy)
> that proxies to varnish, which in turn proxies and routes to various
> nginx servers with only a listen 80 directive.
> If I'm understanding your statement correctly, if varnish and the
> backend nginx supported plaintext spdy is it possible for a spdy
> connection all the way?


> Then I guess the real question becomes is there any advantage to this?

That depends on the situation. Is the connection between your frontend
nginx and varnish/nginx backends high latency? Do you have big per
connection costs from conntrack, etc?

If on the other hand we are talking about a LAN here, then there is
probably no point in doing so.

This is most helpful when your frontend proxy doesn't support
SDPY (for example haproxy), but terminates SSL/TLS. This way,
you can tunnel plaintext SPDY to a nginx backend, without
changing your architecture or replacing the frontend proxy software,
as long as the frontend is capable of negotiation via NPN or ALPN.



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