[ANNOUNCE] Tengine-2.1.0 released

Chuanwen Chen chencw1982 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 19 15:57:45 UTC 2014

Hi folks,

We are very excited to announce that Tengine-2.1.0 (development version)
has been released. You can either checkout the source code from GitHub:
https://github.com/alibaba/tengine or download the tarball directly:

The highlight of this release is the SO_REUSEPORT option support, with
which Tengine can have a performance improvement of up to 200% compared to
Nginx, according to our simple benchmark:
http://tengine.taobao.org/document/benchmark.html. Besides, resolving
upstream domain names on the fly has been supported, so it is safe to
change the IP address of an upstream server after starting or reloading.

Tengine is now based on Nginx-1.6.2. And the full changelog is as follows:

*) Feature: added support for collecting the running status of Tengine
according to specific key (domain, url, etc). (cfsego)
*) Feature: support the SO_REUSEPORT option, to improve performance on
multicore systems. (monadbobo)
*) Feature: support for resolving upstream domain names on the fly.
*) Feature: support for rewriting to named locations. (yzprofile)
*) Feature: added two parameters 'crop_keepx' and 'crop_keepy' to the
directive 'image_filter'. (Lax)
*) Feature: support for saving SSL sessions in consistent_hash module and
session_sticky module. (dinic)
*) Feature: support for compiling Tengine automatically in travis-ci.org.
*) Feature: support for FastCGI health check. (yzprofile)
*) Feature: enhanced sysguard module. (InfoHunter)
*) Feature: added a variable '$normalized_request', to get normalized
request URIs. (yunkai)
*) Feature: added wildcard support for 'include' directive in 'dso' block.
*) Feature: added the 'gzip_clear_etag' directive. (taoyuanyuan)
*) Feature: added the 'unprintable' parameter to the 'log_escape'
directive. (skoo87)
*) Change: merged changes from nginx-1.6.2. (cfsego, taoyuanyuan, chobits)
*) Change: now the order of servers in an upstream are random when
initialized. (taoyuanyuan)
*) Change: slab allocator free pages defragmentation. (chobits)
*) Bugfix: SPDY/3 dropped the "delayed" flag when finalizing connection.
*) Bugfix: fixed SPDY/3 connection leak. (chobits)
*) Bugfix: now don't truncate value of key to 255 bytes in limit_req
module. (chobits)
*) Bugfix: failed to parse /etc/resolv.conf with IPv6 addresses. (lifeibo)
*) Bugfix: upstream rbtree bugfix. (taoyuanyuan)

See our website for more details: http://tengine.taobao.org

Have fun!
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