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I use nginx as a reverse-proxy.
I would like to set a header, more precisely a header that contain the SSL
client certificate.
However, the variable '$ssl_client_cert' add some character that I don't
want (like tab characters)

proxy_set_header        X-SSL-CLI-CERT       $ssl_client_cert;

I test with '$ssl_client_raw_cert', but the webserver in backend (here
apache) doesn't understand the certificate and return this :

request failed: error reading the headers

I see a previous post mentionning a workarount with 'map' (
http://forum.nginx.org/read.php?2,236546,236546) :

map $ssl_client_raw_cert $a {

But in debug log file of nginx, I have an error :

[alert] 19820#0: *21 pcre_exec() failed: -8 on "
" using "^(-.*-

I'm using nginx version 1.6.2, do you know another workaround please ?

Thank you.
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