Launching Excel in a production web server on a Mac

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On Feb 1, 2014, at 12:25 PM, Anth Anth <lists at> wrote:

> I'm running under root because that was the easy way to bind to port 80. 
> I'm guessing if I run nginx under my user account I'd have to forward a 
> higher port (8080 or whatever) to port 80 using an ip table (or whatever 
> the OS X equivalent is)?

IIRC, one of your later messages made it clear that you do not, in fact, need nginx to communicate with Xcel. Rather you need your application server to do so. I forget whether you said passenger or unicorn, but either way *that* process needs to run as the logged-in user, and that's simpler since that process only needs to communicate via local sockets.

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