Launching Excel in a production web server on a Mac

Anth Anth lists at
Wed Feb 5 20:04:21 UTC 2014

Actually, after some more playing around I've finally got something 
working!  Well, not exactly, but I'm able to communicate through OSA 
instead of appscript (and to be honest, I know very little about this 
appscript gem and it's been deprecated anyway, so it's probably for the 
best that I rewrite the spreadsheet manipulation code anyway.)

A MILLION thank yous, Scott!  You are a life saver!

Oh, and Jonathan... a lesson for you: just because a question doesn't 
make sense /to you/ doesn't make it nonsensical.  I asked a question 
that made sense to me, and it also happened to make sense to someone 
else who had encountered a similar problem, and we were able to exchange 
info that led to me solving my problem... weird, that almost sounds like 
what support forums are supposed to be like.  Please keep that in mind 
before scolding someone for asking a question you don't quite get.

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