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Ajay k ajaykemparaj at
Thu Feb 6 08:18:36 UTC 2014

Hi ,

Is there a way to print all the compiled sequences of a rewrite module as
documented in

This interpreter is a simple stack virtual machine. For example, the

location <> /download/ {
  if <> ($forbidden) {
    return <>   403;
  if <> ($slow) {
    limit_rate <>  10k;
  rewrite <>
^/(download/.*)/media/(.*)\..*$  /$1/mp3/$2.mp3  break

will be compiled into this sequence:

  variable $forbidden
  checking to zero
  recovery 403
  completion of entire code
  variable $slow
  checking to zero
  checkings of regular expression
  copying "/"
  copying $1
  copying "/mp3/"
  copying $2
  copying ".mp3"
  completion of regular expression
  completion of entire sequence

Ajay K
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