Proxy to upstream HTTPS server *with different* keys/certs in nginx

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Mon Feb 10 12:25:31 UTC 2014


> The only thing you can specify is ssl_client_certificate (and 
> ssl_client_certificate_key), and it is used only in connections 
> with clients.

Following Nginx docs
( you
can specify ssl_certificate_key and ssl_certificate files in an nginx conf
file which specifies the files with the certificate in PEM format for the
given virtual server. The ssl_client_certificate configuration refers to CA
cert used to verify clients.

I'll rephrase the question. I'm interested in server certificates (not
client). The ssl_certificate_key file is used as a private key for the
server to decrypt ssl connections for clients. I'm looking to configure
another key for encrypting ssl connections from niginx server to upstream

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