high Traffic setup problem, module status don't deliver data

Aleksandar Lazic al-nginx at none.at
Tue Feb 11 11:34:59 UTC 2014

Am 11-02-2014 12:14, schrieb Valentin V. Bartenev:
> On Monday 10 February 2014 17:41:47 Aleksandar Lazic wrote:


>> Every time when I have more then ~400 r/s we get no data from the
>> status-request, this request rate means ~20k Packets/Second.
>> I use netfilter with fail2ban, but not the connection tracking module!
> Do you see the issue without fail2ban?

I haven't tried the setup with out.

>> I have now seen on the tcpdump that I get a 'RST' Package quite
>> immediately after a request when the 'no answer from server' cames.
>> I think this could be a kernel-network issue not a nginx issue.
>> The question is:
>> Please can you help me to find the reason for the immediately  'RST'
>> answer.
>> I hope my question is more clear now.
>> Thanks for reading and patience.
> You haven't shown your server level configuration.
> Do you use deferred accept?


listen       <IP>:80 deferred default_server;


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