Minimal configuration

Francis Daly francis at
Sat Feb 15 21:55:03 UTC 2014

On Sat, Feb 15, 2014 at 12:29:00PM +0100, B.R. wrote:
> One could imagine a minimal server configured as such:

If you want the minimal config, start with an empty file and see what
you need to add to get it to work.

I suspect that

http{ server{} }

will probably work usefully.

> server {
>     listen 80;
>     index index.html index.htm;
>     try_files $uri $uri/ /;
> }
> However, unless I made some mistake, it seems that such a configuration
> returns a HTTP 500 error (with a 'too much internal redirection' error).

What request did you make? What response did you expect? What did the
error log say? What did the debug log say?

> Does nginx require any location block at all?


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