Loadable runtime modules?

Reinis Rozitis r at roze.lv
Fri Feb 21 16:34:43 UTC 2014

> Thanks, that's handy to be aware of, but would still like to enquire as to
> why Nginx doesn't support such loadable modukes?

I don't see how that makes any harder (or more time consuming) when the 
modules are linked into the binary.

There is no need to always recompile the whole source as you can just delete 
the particular module *.o files files from objs/ (objs/addon/ if for third 
party modules) and then just do 'make' which will recompile those and relink 
into binary.

This way you can always do a live upgrade (kill -usr2/kill -quit) for the 
running process (or roll back to the old/prev binary) without the mess what 
involves dynamically (un)loading a module on the fly.


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