Loadable runtime modules?

wardrop nginx-forum at nginx.us
Sat Feb 22 03:49:29 UTC 2014

Thanks for the replies guys. Reines, I didn't know about the method of
upgrading modules that you described. I also appreciate the reasoning in the
link that you shared Vladmir. Much appreciated. One thing about Nginx I do
appreciate is how much less painful it is to compile compared to Apache,
which you're often best installing via your operating system package
manager, in which you're choice of versioning is not great.

I just can't wait for more distributions to abandon those painful legacy
init.d scripts in favor of the much less painful alternatives that are much
easier to setup. Most have moved away, but I still deal with a lot of older
distro's where the biggest pain in setting up Nginx is getting it working as
a managed daemon.

Anyway, cheers guys.

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