SSL_STAPLING when network is unreachable

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Wed Feb 26 16:39:31 UTC 2014


I've encountered a problem with nginx 1.5.10.
I'm running nginx on a highly available system (2 cluster node).

When node1 fails, node2 is automatically coming into play. A few days ago
the internet connection was bad - on both nodes. They could ping the gateway
only sporadically.
Node2 became the active one and tried to start nginx. Nginx did not even
come up.

I replayed the whole scenario (switchover) with a working internet
connection. Everything is running perfect then.
But with a broken internet connection nginx does not start up. It's

The reason is ssl_stapling I found out. Even when I set resolver_timeout to
5 seconds, nginx won't come up within 5 seconds with an internet connection
with high packet loss.

Unfortunately I cannnot use "ssl_stapling_file". I tried fetching the OCSP
response from globalsign but always get "error querying OCSP response" from
globalsign's ocsp server (but with godaddy it worked).
My cmd was: openssl ocsp -host -noverify -no_nonce
-issuer issuer.crt -cert domain.crt -url would be nice if nginx did not block on startup or if there was a
setting that told nginx "you must startup within x seconds".

For now I will remove ssl_stapling support altogether.

best regards,
Can Özdemir

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