Customized error pages for 500.

Jack D. lists at
Fri Jan 10 00:19:11 UTC 2014

Igor Sysoev wrote in post #928721:

>          error_page 500 502 503 504 /500.html;
>          location = /500.html {
>          }
>     }

I would like to clarify what's going on in these two lines of Igor's

A. Note the "/500.html" part on the first line. That is not a variable
of any sort, but rather means that Nginx is expecting there to be a file
named 500.html in your root. In some examples you will see "/50x.html"
used instead. In that case, there must be a file that is literally named
"50x.html" in your root. (The "x" is not to be mistaken for a variable)

B. Note the "location = /500.html" block down below. There is nothing in
this block, but it is crucial that this block exists or your custom
error page will not be displayed.

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