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Sun Jan 19 11:02:33 UTC 2014

On Sun, Jan 19, 2014 at 04:57:27AM -0500, sergiks wrote:

Hi there,

I'll describe what I think you want you want nginx to do. Please correct
me where I've guessed wrongly.

> There's a web root  /var/www/site/ that responds to
> Then there's a Laravel (front controller php framework) installation in
> /var/www/Laravel1, and its web root folder is in /var/www/Laravel1/public/ 
> (index.php and static files are there)

> I want to let that Laravel app to respond to URIs under /app1/:

A request for /app1/one.png should return the file
/var/www/Laravel1/public/one.png or respond 404.

A similar mapping applies for every request that end in .png, .jpg,
and .gif, case-insensitively.

A request for /app1/two.txt should proxy_pass to and return whatever it returns.

A similar thing happens for every other request. is a separate web server which is running "real"

So, for the following requests, nginx should:


proxy to


proxy to

> (pretty urls)

proxy to

>  (static files)

proxy to

> The docs only says about a simple "location /i/" case
> and a regexp case. 

"^~" is a prefix location. The "non-regex" documentation applies.

> My q is "location ^~ /i/" which seems to skip the replacement as in the
> simple case:
> location ^~ /app1/ {
> alias /var/www/Laravel/public/;
> proxy_pass;
> This example passes unchanged "/app1/api/method" to the proxy, instead of
> "/api/method"

That's clear, thanks.

That is working as intended. Your expectation is wrong.

"alias" (along with "root") does not affect "proxy_pass".

Does the following do what you want?

  location ^~ /app1/ {
    alias /var/www/Laravel1/public/;
    location ~* \.(jpg|gif|png)$ {}

(In general, unless the proxied server is careful, there are likely to
be problems trying to change parts of the url as is done above.)

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