X-Frame-Options: Nginx includes header twice

Some Developer someukdeveloper at gmail.com
Mon Jan 27 02:49:25 UTC 2014

On 25/01/2014 07:51, wishmaster wrote:
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>   From: "Some Developer" <someukdeveloper at gmail.com>
>   Date: 25 January 2014, 06:04:10
>> I'm running Nginx 1.4.4 on Ubuntu 12.04 and have added the X-Frame-Options header for one of my sites but in testing it appears that Nginx includes this itself in addition to user configured headers. Basically I want X-Frame-Options to be DENY but when I set that header Nginx also sends an X-Frame-Options SAMEORIGIN header so that there are two X-Frame-Options headers in every request.
>> Is there some way to disable the extra header? I can't find anything in my configuration that would add the second header.
>   May by this is the header, has been set by your php-application?
>   You can remove this with help of module http://wiki.nginx.org/HttpHeadersMoreModule
I don't actually use PHP but your response lead me to an answer. 
Apparently Django sets some headers so it looks like I need to disable 
it there. Thanks!

Seems a bit strange to me that an application framework sets HTTP 
headers. Surely this should be left to the HTTP server? What are other 
peoples opinions on this?

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