How can the number of parallel/redundant open streams/temp_files be controlled/limited?

Maxim Dounin mdounin at
Tue Jul 1 01:32:35 UTC 2014


On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 09:14:06PM -0400, Paul Schlie wrote:

> (Seemingly, it may be beneficial to simply replace the 
> sequentially numbered temp_file scheme with hash-named scheme, 
> where if cached, the file is simply retained for some period of 
> time and/or other condition, and which may be optionally 
> symbolically aliased using their uri path and thereby 
> respectively logically accessed as a local static file, or 
> deleted upon no longer being needed and not being cached; and 
> thereby kill multiple birds with one stone per-se?)

Sorry for not following your discussion with yourself, but it looks 
you didn't understand what was explained earlier:


> >>>>> (Out of curiosity, why would anyone ever want many multiple 
> >>>>> redundant streams/temp_files ever opened by default?)
> >>>> 
> >>>> You never know if responses are going to be the same.  The part 
> >>>> which knows (or, rather, tries to) is called "cache", and has 
> >>>> lots of directives to control it.
> >>> 
> >>> - If they're not "the same" then the tcp protocol stack has failed, which is nothing to do with ngiinx.

In http, responses are not guaranteed to be the same.  Each 
response can be unique, and you can't assume responses have to be 
identical even if their URLs match.

Maxim Dounin

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