How to install Nginx from source and avoid the OpenSSL Bug ?

yarek nginx-forum at
Wed Jun 4 13:24:49 UTC 2014

I am new to nginx and linux.
I tried to install nginx form source (nginx+rtmp module) following many
tutos on my Debian

And all gives me the same error:

./configure --add-module=../nginx-rtmp-module-master

make -f objs/Makefile make[1]: entrant dans le répertoire «
/root/nginx/nginx-1.4.3 » cc -c -pipe -O -W -Wall -Wpointer-arith
-Wno-unused-parameter -Werror -g -I/root/nginx/nginx-rtmp-module/ -I
src/core -I src/event -I src/event/modules -I src/os/unix -I objs \ -o
objs/src/event/ngx_event_openssl.o \ src/event/ngx_event_openssl.c
src/event/ngx_event_openssl.c: In function ngx_ssl_create:
src/event/ngx_event_openssl.c:189:5: error: âSSL_OP_MSIE_SSLV2_RSA_PADDINGâ
undeclared (first use in this function) src/event/ngx_event_openssl.c:189:5:
note: each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it
appears in make[1]: * [objs/src/event/ngx_event_openssl.o] Erreur 1 make[1]:
quittant le répertoire « /root/nginx/nginx-1.4.3 » make: * [build] Erreur 2

It seems error comes from : 
Planned removal of SSL_OP_MSIE_SSLV2_RSA_PADDING breaks dependent software
if you are using OpenSSL 1.0.2 or higher.

Any idea on how do I fix that ?


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