Can't get nginx to work with Adminer nor phpMyadmin

KC qwrules at
Thu Jun 5 08:45:19 UTC 2014


>> I want to be able to type http://ipaddress/phpmyadmin (or adminer)
>> and see its respective interface. But as it is now, I only get 404
>> error.
> If you want http://ipaddress/phpmyadmin and http://ipaddress/adminer to
> both work, you will probably want a single server{} block with all of
> the configuration.

I must say I do not understand those config files.

Say, I only want to make adminer work, and we have a segment that goes 
like that

server {
     listen      80;

Where am I supposed to put the subfolder name here? Why are there those 
"" domain names, if I am not even using a domain at the moment?

All I want is to to point to the index file in root html folder
and to point to a html/adminer

And reading is 
confusing for that reason - I see no references to subfolders, just some 

I suppose that the "location" bit is taking care of subfolders, but if 
this is so, then... that would mean there is nothing to be set in 
"server" blocks.

I just don't get it.


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