CORS headers not being set for a 401 response from upstream.

Srirang Doddihal om.brahmana at
Mon Jun 9 11:05:31 UTC 2014


I am trying to setup CORS headers in my nginx config. My config is here :

The upstream is defined separately.

It responds fine to OPTIONS request. It also adds the
"Access-Control-Allow-Origin *" header to responses from the upstream
(pm_puma_cluster) when the response status is 200.

But if the response status from the upstream is 401 it is not adding the
CORS header.

Is it expected? Or am I missing something in the config?

P.S : The upstream is a Rails app and I would prefer to deal with the CORS
headers in the nginx and not mess with them in the Rails app.

Srirang G Doddihal

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