Rewrite rules from Apache again

Luciano Mannucci luciano at
Tue Jun 10 16:00:13 UTC 2014

I'm still trying to move everything from apache to nginx.
I've successfully translated some rules from the .htaccess:

RewriteRule ^(.*)_k(.*)\.htm$ pagina.php?k=$2

works pretty weff if turned into:

rewrite ^/(.*)_k(.*).htm$ /pagina.php?k=$2 ;


RewriteRule ^privacy.php$ pagina.php?k=privacy

does not work if translated as:

rewrite ^/privacy.php$ /pagina.php?k=privacy ;

the request is passed unchanged and I get a 404 error for the
/privacy.php page does'nt exist.

What did I miss?


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