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Fri Jun 13 11:37:56 UTC 2014


I am seeking advice and suggestions for this issue with nginx and the rtmp

I have been working with RTMP. Previously i have worked with cRtmpServer,
however nginx seems better for extending the service later on, further down
the line.

I am using nginx from this source, which works with my flash player.

It seem Nginx and libRtmp can work together.


Nginx config, this works with my flash test player for both applications.


I wish to connect with librtmp, and i am using the setopt functions so that
librtmp has a url, port, app, playpath.  Currently, my code connects and
also connects to the stream.  However, only about 9bytes are returned when
reading a packet.

Here is my libRtmp C++ code.


LibRTMP page with param list.


So that's the first issue. Connecting properly, so that we can read a file.

Now, for the next part... recording. The solution to the first part, may
result in both working.

I would also like to record to the server with librtmp. The first link,
above, shows how to record using libRtmp to nginx when the params are
correct for connecting.  How do i configure the server to publish a live
stream, so that many clients can access it?? Ideally, we don't want to
record video to the server just transport it.

Any help moving forward would be good. Suggestions, advice, anything that
anyone can recommend trying.

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