How to redirect error page (html) self built html error page

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Mon Jun 16 09:14:59 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

Sorry for my english. My scenario like below ;

I setup my webserver in cloud and I have my ERP server running at different
DC. The connection from cloud to DC is very fast, no interuption at all.
When my customer access it will show the website that i
build in cloud (Webserver). Each customer have vpn access when they
subscribe with us. So, when they wat to use ERP system, they need to connect
to vpn first and they can go through I configured
NGINX to allow only server subnet IP and tunnel network subnet for VPN. The
problem is when they click to login page, it will show error 403 not my html
error page. I want it to trigger error page that I build in HTML.

My problem is it not show the error page (html) that I build. It wil show
error 403.

Please anyone help me

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